2001 Morii Seiki SH 8000 HMC

2001 Morii Seiki SH 8000 HMC

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- 1,300 mm - 1,200 mm 1,100 mm 49.2" 51.2" x 31.5" Lbs. RPM Taper, No. 50 IPM 0.01-1,653.5 IPM IPM <15 Steps> 50 V-Flange Type Std. (12.6") address,shorter random access Standard Turn-Type Seconds 40/33.5 HP & 309.78 ft/lbs. torque @ 1,200 rpm(6,000 spdl) 7.9/9.7/9.7 HP 2 HP PSI, 137.3 GPM (for Spindle) .2 Gal. (for Roller Guide & Ball Screw.) 19.5 Gal. (Oil Cooler) Gal. x 315.1" Lbs. +/-0.00004" (for 1°0° indexing) 0°0'5") +/-0°0'1" (1° indexing) +/-0°0'1") Turbo Md. 6586-8055 Rear external chip conveyor with drum type filter for "Fines" Auto Coupler hydraulic system for fixtures on turret 60 place ATC 15,000 rpm Coolant thru spindle 48 sets of additional work coordinates Custom Macro B Tool Life Management One degree indexing Fanuc 18iMA control with MAPPS Two Signal Light Towers Circuit manuals actual machine base width is 125.5". The ATC enclosure hangs out about 8". It came thru a 144" wide door in one piece when new. Approximately 125.


ManufacturerMORI SEIKI
ModelSH 8000
Stock Number103613
Accuracy(when new)
Feed motor(X,Y & Z Axis)
Jog feedrate0-50
Power sourceSH-8000
X-axis travel(Longitudinal Movement of Column) 51.2"
Y-axis travel(Vertical Movement of Spindle Head) 47.2"
Z-axis travel(Cross Movement of Table) 43.3" -
Machine height147.5"
(1/2-13 unc) tap24 Holes, Pitch (6.2")
Manuals includedInstallation, Maintenance, Parts, and 2) Electrical
Max. tool length19.7"
Max. tool weight66 Lbs.
Tool change time(Chip-to-Chip) 6 Sec.
Number of pallets2
Weight of machine64,856
Coolant pump motor1.3 x
Max. tool diameter(without adjacent tools) 4.9"
Type of tool shankCAT
Rapid traverse rate1,653.5
Spindle drive motor(30 min./cont.)
Table indexing time3.4 Sec
Hydraulic pump motor3 HP
Pallet changing time14
Positioning accuracy0.0002"
Standard floor spaceActual width under 12'x 20' long 173.0"
Compressed air supply72.5
Coolant tank capacity184.8
Maximum spindle speed15,000
Tool storage capacity60
Pallet working surface31.5"
Type of retention knob90°
Electrical power supply86.2 KVA
Pallet loading capacity4,400
Table indexing accuracy0°0'3"
Maximum workpiece height51.2"
Method of tool selectionFixed
Lubrication tank capacity.2 Gal.
Type of spindle taper hole7/24
Hydraulic oil tank capacity10.6 Gal.
Table surface configurationM16
Minimum table indexing angle
Pallet changing repeatability(X, Y & Z) 0.0001"
Special shipment width optionNot to exceed 3,325 mm or 130.91" -
Number of spindle speed ranges1
Spindle bearing inner diameter4.3"
Maximum workpiece swing diameter51.2"
Distance from pallet surface to spindle center2.0"-
Distance from table center to spindle gage plane7.9"-