Sell Your Machinery

Harbor Machinery Inc. - We Have Machines for Sale

Please notify us about any machines you have for sale. We would be glad to assist you in one of the following ways:

Auction Services, onsite and online, online auctions can be completely free to you with no fees of expenses. Contact us for more info.

Cash Sale: Sell your equipment for cash now! If you have no time or space and simply wish to dispose of your equipment quickly and efficiently, we will be happy to make you an offer to purchase one machine your entire plant.

Marketing services: If you have 2-16 weeks time to sell your equipment, we can assist you in establishing a fair market value for that equipment. Then we can assist you in marketing your equipment. Listing that machinery and equipment right here on this site with accurate descriptions and photos is a great way to get started. There is no cost to you for listing your machinery on our site. Just send us your descriptions and photos and leave the rest to us.

Consignment services: If you have the time to re-market your equipment but need space perhaps we can assist you with our consignment service. We can take delivery of your equipment for further re-marketing from our facilities.

Fill out the simple form below stating how we can help and we will respond promptly.